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Our Origins

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It was almost a century ago, in the beautiful Sierra de Cádiz, in the picturesque Andalusian town of Ubrique, that the story of a family business began to be written, which has become a reference in the world of leather goods: Hermanos Ramos Mancilla.

Our founders, Manuel, Juan, and José Ramos Jaén, were three intrepid brothers who decided to dedicate their lives to leathercraft, after acquiring their training in the workshops of the best artisan masters of the 20th century.

With their experience and skill, they forged a history of tradition, innovation, and passion for the leathercraft profession that has survived the passage of time.

Throughout the years, our company has changed its name several times, but we have always maintained our commitment to quality and craftsmanship. In the 1950s, we were known as “Marroquinería Ubriqueña,” in 1965 we became “José Ramos Jaén y Hnos. S.L.,” and finally, in the 1980s, we acquired our current name and identity: “Hermanos Ramos Mancilla, S.L..”

Today, we are an active company that continues to maintain the same passion and dedication for our craft.

And with the creation of our own brand “RAMOS“, we have become a benchmark in the leather goods industry.

But best of all, we are a family business that continues to work side by side, just as our founders did almost a century ago, to offer you the best quality and service possible.


At Present

Ramos - Padre e hijo

Nowadays, at Hermanos Ramos Mancilla, we continue with the same passion and commitment that our grandparents taught us almost a century ago in the picturesque Andalusian town of Ubrique.

We love working with vegetable-tanned leather because we not only obtain more resistant and durable leather products, but we also contribute to taking care of the environment.

Our family has passed down their passion for leatherworking and commitment to excellence throughout three generations. Thanks to this, RAMOS has become a leading company in the manufacture of leather goods.

Our products reach worldwide.

In every piece that comes out of our workshops, the talent of our skilled craftsmen is combined with the creativity of our designers and the skill of our technicians.

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Ramos, our hallmark

At RAMOS, we are a team of expert craftsmen dedicated to creating the best unique and exclusive leather goods.

We are proud to know that our products are chosen by demanding clients from all over the world who are looking for something more than just a simple item.

Quality and attention to detail are fundamental values in everything we do.

We offer a personalized and made-to-measure manufacturing service in which we work closely with our clients to bring their ideas and dreams to life.

In summary, at RAMOS we are a passionate team about “leather”, that puts all its effort and dedication to offer our customers the best products and services.

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Ramos - Personal

Tradition and
New Technologies

We have made significant changes in recent years. We have renewed our facilities, purchased new machinery, and added the latest technologies.

All of this while staying true to our artisanal essence and caring for the environment.

Now we can offer products of high quality and cutting-edge technology.

We are, therefore, very happy and proud!

Sell our LEATHER goods

Do you want to offer your customers the best high-quality leather goods?

At Hermanos Ramos Mancilla, we are looking for commercial partners to sell our products in their specialized stores.

Let’s join forces to offer the best to our customers!

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