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The company, Hermanos Ramos Mancilla, S.L.



Hermanos Ramos Mancilla, SL "Leather Goods", was founded in 1934. Overcoming the difficulties of the hardest years, passing from father to son, always adapting to the changes and new trends. Currently, manufactures leather goods quality, retaining the most authentic tradition of craftsmanship and leather goods Ubrique. 'Manuel Ramos Mancilla, is the current manager of the family business BROTHERS MANCILLA RAMOS, SL. located on Calle Santa Rosalia, s / n. of UBRIQUE (Cádiz), so named since 1989. The "Company" was founded by his father, Manuel Ramos Jaén, in the year 1934, and his brother Joseph, taking the name of it for being the largest: JAÉN JOSE RAMOS who was joined by a third brother, John. All had acquired their training and leather goods at a very young profession in the workshops of the finest craftsmen of the early twentieth century. To adapt to the changes that were imposing the different administrations of José Ramos Jaén (1,934) is passed Ubriqueña Leather (50s). Then José Ramos Jaen Hermanos SL in 1965 and subsequently your current manager and brothers, after creating the brand "RAMOS", give it its current name and identity.


Expansion and Commitment



Hermanos Ramos Mancilla Ltd, besides attending highly specialized demand received from the domestic market, exports over 60% of its production to countries around the world: United States, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, and especially to countries as demanding the Central and Northern Europe asSwitzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, ...

His articles can be found both in shops and in the Section of Skin Department Store.

As for sector events, usually go to Lineapelle away, and APLF and MIPEL as exhibitors.

Travel and trade missions to countries where we export. Faithful to our tradition and history, our commitment is to continue giving our customers a quality article distinguishes and communicates feelings of yesterday and brings the functionality of today.

Tradition, design and news technologies



The company has recently renovated its facilities, machinery and acquired renewed "new technologies" leather goods that combine tradition with the latest design and manufacturing techniques, which can adapt to the demands and changes of the world, and at the same time be Environment friendly.

Expansión y Compromiso



Hermanos Ramos Mancilla, S.L., además de atender la demanda muy especializada que recibe del mercado nacional, exporta más del 60% de su producción hacia países de todo el mundo: Estados Unidos, Australia, Japón, Hong Kong; y sobre todo, a países tan exigentes del Centro y Norte de Europa como Suiza, Dinamarca, Noruega, Suecia, …

Sus artículos se pueden encontrar tanto en tiendas especializadas como en la Sección de Piel de Grandes Almacenes. 

En cuanto a certámenes del sector, se suele acudir a Lineapelle como visitante, y a APLF y MIPEL como expositores.

Viajes y misiones comerciales a los países donde exportamos. 
Fieles a nuestra tradición y trayectoria, nuestro compromiso es seguir dando a nuestros clientes un artículo de calidad que distingue y comunica sensaciones del ayer y aporta la funcionalidad de hoy en día.